horoscopes -8-MAy Baladna english

Aries :

Helping others is the way to have your good day today. The first page of your new future will start this afternoon. Try to stay calm and helpful. Emotionally; your heart needs you to listen to it; don’t ignore your needs. Financially; you will have a great chance to change your job or to find one.


Being shy and relaxed is not the main thing that you should do today. Try to be more active and tell those who will try to bother you that they should respect your way of life. Keep your money; don’t spend a penny today. Emotionally; your beloved is waiting for your step, don’t ignore him/her.


Whatever the difficulties were last week, you should be more confident. You will have a great week and it will start today. You might receive some happy calls about your work and your family but not about your love. 


A bad financial day you will have. Be patient; don’t ask anyone to help you. It is time to make the critical decision you are afraid of. You might find something you lost for a long time. So, it will be a happy and a sad day, you chose the mood. I advice the happy one.


Do you feel that you had a bad day yesterday? If yes, it will be great to stop thinking about it. Take care of your health, but don’t worry that much. It is not good to judge people today; stay neutral and try to avoid critical decisions.  


It is time to talk to your closest friend about your problems or some of your secrets. Financially; you will be asked to do some extra work. Don’t murmur, it will help you so much next week. Emotionally; having problems with your partner or lover doesn’t mean it is the end.


Try to balance your needs, you really need that. Give more love and watch your tongue; you might destroy a great chance for a great chance if you don’t. Financially; actually the financial news is what will cheer you up. So cheer. 


Isn’t it great to plan for a new trip today? You think that it is time to take some time off; you need to relax and manage your decisions. Emotionally; you will discover love once again so be ready. Great financial news is on the way.


What a day! Fights and new relationships… Financially; you will discover today that you are an emotional spender; you spent too much money for not important things. This will make you think a lot today. Emotionally; you will face some depression. Don’t worry; everything will be all right.


To get what you want today you have to pay more than you expected. Help others and be patient. The bad sleeping will vanish once you forget what happened last week. Financially; expect more payments today. Emotionally; you have to listen to empty talking today.  


Today you will meet an important man; he might help you at work or to get something precious and helpful. Be careful from fire and electricity today. Emotionally; I think something will make your day.  You will hear very nice words that could help you to spend your day. 


Again and again you are judging people. You are measuring their qualities by how much they have of anything. Try to get what they have by motivating them. They will not give you what you need just because you are clever. Emotionally; you are about to be shocked.


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