astrology for 5 – may- on baladna english

Aries :

Giving others the chance will allow you to be more active and more reasonable; they are waiting for your signal. Many people around you will ask you to do some heretical things. Don’t be so sensitive and act. Financially; you are about to be involved with great business.


It is your world, control it. Don’t let others manage your stuff; try to be the head master of your life. Today you are to be under the spot lights so be careful, because one mistake could destroy all what you planned for.

Gemini :

Pay attention to every detail in your life and don’t play with fire. Be nice and tender today. Don’t let your inner thoughts control you. Emotionally; you are on the safe side up till now, so don’t damage the things on which you have spent all your time to develop them.


It’s so nice to be relaxed today. You will have a busy schedule tomorrow, so today stay calm. Try to chat with your friends and relatives. Don’t get involved in dangerous acts today. Give your cell phone the chance to ring; your beloved is waiting for something from you. 


You are so fresh today; be happy, what happened last night is not going to last for a long time. Try to wear something black today; it will help you. Give others the chance to express their feelings and emotions. You lost something so important; try to find it.


Being optimistic is not good all the time, but today it is. Be very optimistic and try to give your mates hope. Be talkative tonight; you might meet the one you have been waiting for for a long time. Emotionally; you might discover some important facts about your love.  


Hey, it is your day. You will have a meeting with some important men who might change your future and erase some of your past. Financially; you might lose some money but don’t worry; it will not be too much. You will get a very important call. 


Give yourself the chance to have some fun today; it was a very busy week. Help others to give you happiness by telling them some of your habitats. Try to explain your feelings today. 


You might pay some extra money today. Don’t panic; you have to pay to get paid. Others will enjoy your speeches today. They might ask you to do something you don’t know how to do it. Don’t rush; no one will judge you . 


Professional possibilities are promising. Keep yourself up-to-date with the new work opportunities that become available. This is a good time to be judicious in your financial decisions. You should expend great zest in your money-making plans.


This is a very good day for job-related events–practical insights will come with ease. You could represent or speak for your company and may find yourself communicating about your skills. You are most persuasive with others.


You can take full advantage of your position in the workplace today. You are able to prioritize your time and projects. You seem more able than ever to be in control of your life. You should be most pleased with your efforts today.


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