American culture and the mother of all conspiracies

By Tareq Neman

Baladna English 5-May-2011

As we learned from American movies, everything is related in one way or another when it comes to the intellectual agencies and hidden tactics of the FBI or CIA, and as I respect this culture and am a slave of what they call ‘the American dream’, I have found myself enforced to believe in the conspiracy theory and the great benefits of thinking about how Americans have managed to control and rule the world. I used to understand the signals and signs that scenarist and the directors of American movies use in their movies, for example; when they show the number of a room in a hotel so the detectives in the same movie will consider it as a secret code among the gangster members and they – the detectives- will analyze it and discover the place or the hidden meaning behind such a number.

 Or, when they talk about someone –a character in some movie- who used to use the same perfume that his victim used to use 10 years before he murdered him and the killer had smelled this fragrance when he was young because the father of the victim killed the father of the current murderer. So, I can understand that there are many relations -whatever they are, secret or public- in everything the Americans do. Due to this unprecedented mode of development we believe that nothing could happen in the world that the Americans don’t know about. They teach us about how sophisticated they are, how much they know about the relations between things and how great their abilities are to control the politics of the world. And I believe in that too. As such, the Americans concluded that the two pilots of the Egyptian plane who drowned in the sea are criminals because one of them said: “Etakalto Ala Allah” (Trust in God). The pilots trusted in God in that he would reward them because they caused the sinking of the airplane. Of course, this is what the Americans based their conclusion on, so they condemned the pilots. Is it the logic and smartness of the unlimited intelligence? Or should we say the unlimited exclusive American intelligence? I believe in the American way of everything. Due to this believe I became a fan, and more; I became let me say a mimic of all their acts and ways of thinking. So, I become very suspicious, even about things that are related to them. I analyze, I look behind reactions, I read between the lines and I can decode their codes sometimes; when they say ‘we are happy’, they mean they are not and when they say ‘we hope that some countries treat their people as well as they can’, they mean ‘we will teach them how’. Starting from what I am now because of the American culture, I just want to ask them the question that they might ask if they were in my shoes: why hasn’t the respected President Barack Obama mentioned the name Osama Ben Laden more than three times in the past three years, as he is the first enemy of the United States? Haven’t you noticed that the only difference between the letters of the President’s name Obama and Osama is one letter; the ‘s’?

Let us consider that this case appeared in an American movie; is your intelligent detective ready to ignore it? OK, let us consider it is a coincidence; what about the similarities between the President and the murdered man Osama? OK, let us forget that too. Is it a coincidence too that the birth certificate of President Obama had been published just two days before the killing of Osama? What a great joke. But I think America should laugh because of the victory of killing Osama and the birth of Obama …… so long live Osama…ohh…I mean Obama.


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