The tigers in the 10th day

Hanan Koudmani  The writer

By Tareq Neman

I will not repeat what Gibran said: ‘Woe to a nation that feeds on what it doesn’t produce’. I will not repeat what others said either. As I am a specialist in the field of education and educational guidance; Aren’t we as adults supposed to ask the same questions teenagers ask? Shouldn’t we wonder exactly as they do? Shouldn’t we learn from them and from the young, in spite of all the love we have for our mothers and fathers? We say: “Thank you parents, but we have something more important than raising our children using cruelty, violence and indoctrination.” What I want say today, as a 50 year-old, is that I want to live the life of young men and women, the life of those who we neglected and treated harmfully and recklessly. I want to say to my son and daughter….teach me. I will not feel shy to say it to my grandson. I am talking on behalf of successful and unsuccessful parents….. I say we have to learn. Why do we have to learn? To be able to re-raise and re-educate ourselves. To allow you (sons and daughters) to know how to educate us again. To teach us how to deal with you. Dear beloved ones: Let me recall a famous story ‘Tigers in the 10th day’ of the famous narrator ‘Zachariah Tamer’; They brought them – the tigers – with respect and happiness to the cages. After ten days of feeding them, the tigers had spent their time with happiness and relaxation. But when they left the cages, they became like sweet and innocent cats. Using starvation to teach freedom often leads to disaster. Feeding creates the habit of laziness in the tigers, the tigers that forget what they are after 10 days. Syrians are different; they could not be prisoners in cages domesticated by others.


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