Hannan Koudmani the writer

Translated by me (Tareq Neman )

He said: Syria is my home, Syria is my family and Syria is my communion.  Thanks God, I belong to Syrian civilization.

And he said: we are Syrian citizens….

Despite all the achievements that we achieved and accomplished where are we now? And why are we suffering from the underdevelopment?

Isn’t it strange and painful that we live this conducted painful reality?   

We will not discuss the problem or our ancient and modern civilization. We would not base on anything except our reality and abilities. Yes, we ask the society to fulfil our rights. We do not suffer schizophrenia. We suffer dichotomy in distributing love among us, in our personal and social relations.    

We do not want to complain about the differences in the relations between rights and duties. And we do not get stuck in the trap of demanding and demands.

We are all invited to represent the law, to represent the demanding and participation in decision-making without accusing others to be opportunists or profiteers. This kind of people are not covered,  they are well known. They will face the judiciary, civil society and the Syrian lawyers who set the roles of the League of Nations, and the United Nations such as Fares al-Khoury, Mouhamad al-Fadel and others. When we disagree or agree with each other, can we find a way or a place to discuss this dilemma?

We taught the world the alphabet, how to write… but we suffer from a virtual percentage of Illiteracy. The main and most dangerous Illiteracy that we suffer from is the cultural Illiteracy not the Illiteracy itself. 

They say that ‘the sense of citizenship’ is necessary, but they do not provide nor show a good clear, logical, and legal definition for ‘the sense of citizenship’.

We will not say that the time to create a culture to respect human rights. Isn’t it strange to talk about such rights while we are in Syria, which is the only country that respected the woman as a lady not as a mother, and made her a leader before being abused or respected wife. Syrian women  were great  mothers and unknown martyrs.


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