Poet is a product of his environment

Elias al-Fadel The writer

translated by me (Tareq Neman)

Every art that has been limited to deal only with assets and rolls is nothing else but the manifestation of decadence and backwardness, Art is a revolution, a continuous movement that seeks development, upgrading and searching for the novelty. Since the evolution of human life is the ultimate form of art, and due to the development of concepts and the way that human deals with life and his idea about seeking the highest values, art became more than just a form of the expression of emotions; it has become a reality, which explains the way that man can understand and perceive life, universe and existence. There are no doubts, that different ways of artist’s perception of the world, have contributed in creation of the new concepts and, thanks to them, new artists could be born in order to invent new forms, new patterns that can overwhelm, destroy and refuse the superficial styles and objects, as well as the traditional patterns and prefabricated styles. In our country, where as everybody is fighting to create new, developed and civilized reality, which results in new responsibilities for the artists to develop this reality and to put the new guidelines towards a new human, strong enough and ready to fight and defeat the ignorance and backwardness that have been implemented during the long centuries of decadence. According to this, we should know that the national and humanist art must adopt and commit to the cases that could be generated by our reality, and to turn it into brilliant and prosperous one. The immortal pieces of art, are with no doubt the ones that express and show commitment to the concerns of the Syrians, and to the matters of reality, with all its tenders and needs to achieve an excellent and civilized progress. While the bad art, which can be described as fringe, superficial and meaningless, will not go with wind or just vanish; it will remain as a main obstacle in the way of humanity and its struggle for good, beauty, and right principles. Starting form this, the great art, especially poetry, as the English poet (Stephen Spender) said, the poem analyzes world and human and all their regulations and religions, wondering how things occur in a certain way and why not in another. So, the artist is a product of his environment, his society, and his reality, whether he accepts this or not. However, this doesn’t mean that he is a mirror that reflexes the reality as it is. The artist and the poet are more important than that; he is a messenger of his century, the beacon of his generation and, because of that, the poet became out of his times and place. It transformed into a man and life. According to this, we should differentiate between the creative poet and the mimic poet; between the beacon poet and the mirror poet. The creative poet is the one, who explodes, flows and gives fertility, growth and the ability to change the reality; while the mimic poet is the one, who tells poems without feeling their meaning nor making any changes to the world. The beacon poet is the one, who stands tall, shining forever in front of his generation and following generations; while the mirror poet is the one who stands still and stupidly reflexes what passes in front of him, without contributing any single stone to the architecture of wonderful life. That is why each call for limiting the art, especially the poetry, by putting it into old patterns and prefabricated styles, will turn it into nothing but an echo of the sounds of some drums. The artist cannot be isolated from his people and his cases, nor to live outside his homeland. He is an obedient child of his society and reality, but he seeks to change and to develop his community in order to be better and prettier. That is why, all the poets and artists became the guides, creators and inventors of their times; they have their own tools and ways of expression of their own vision about life and universe. That is why each call for being in the frame of the traditional routes and laws, has been rejected and each call to deal with poems as a delicious gifts and beautiful masterpieces, has been rejected too. The poem will be in vain only if we built it to serve such goals and will be just a paralytic on two weak sticks, which will make him failing and collapsing. Pablo Neruda, Chile’s great poet said: “we write for a continent and for all what it has is in transition; a continent that we wish to be the leaders in it – we as a nation which consists of simple-hearted people, who just started to learn how to read, write and build. For those people we compose poems, only for those simple-hearted people”.


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