Israel trembles as Arabs rise up

by Tareq Neman

When Perez predicted the emergence of a new Middle East, he was right but he wasn’t talking about the recent events gripping the Arab world.

Perez predicted and worked towards a new Middle East which envisioned Israel at the center of  an integrated network that would make Arab countries dependant on Israel as an economic, technical and information center that provides paid services to neighboring countries.

With access to the Israeli market, Arab nations would forget the Palestinian issue, conflict with Israel and Arab rights. This would allow Israel to take full control of Arab governments’ decision making. This prediction was also supported by Western states, especially the US, as well as many Arab states, particularly the so-called “moderate” countries such as Egypt. 

The countries resisting the Zionist entity fought fiercely against this project. The new Middle East took steps towards becoming a reality when the US invaded Iraq and adopted its project for forced democracy in the Middle East in order to support the Israeli project.

 The protestors formed a new Middle East based on national and international democratic theories. This Middle East was a monumental step forward and preceded the materialization of the Western project by relying on partnership and cooperation between states of the region based on national interest. The principal factor supporting this new Middle East when Turkey turned away from its traditional alliance with Turkey over the Freedom Flotilla raid.   

 The recent transformations in the region, especially in Egypt and Tunisia, were the real knockout blow to Israel and the Zionist-American project because it released a wellspring of people power as the masses refused the existence of Israel and fought against it.

The new Middle East has arrived, but has been brought by Arabs, now Israel, in order to establish independence and self-rule, refusing foreign intervention. The new Middle East has Israel trembling as they see the new Middle East as a threat to their national security. If these changes worry Israeli politicians, then they are surely in the interest of the Arab people.


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