Essential oils as alternative medicine


By Tareq Neman

Can you heal your own ailments? Sick of visiting doctors? Too many trips to the pharmacy in your life?

Alternative medicine could be the answer for all these questions. It is the way that we can heal our ailments without fearing negative side effects or paying large amounts of money to buy pills. Alternative medicine is absolutely safe. Even if it doesn’t help, it will not harm.

Essential oils as an alternative medicine give us a safe and guaranteed solution for many health conditions and diseases. They are easy to find, easy to prepare and easy to use. In this article we will talk about solutions provided by Mother Nature to heal our ailments. 

1- Garlic oil: useful used both internally and externally

Internal use: can heal asthma, high blood pressure and arteriosclerosis and kills parasites

External use: warts, foot skin lesions and insect stings

2-Basil oil:

Internal use: weakness, coughing, headache and sinus congestion

External use: hair, oral candidiasis and insect stings

3-Chamomile oil:

Internal use: flatulence, indigestion, loss of appetite, insomnia and blood pressure 

External use: arthritis, inflammation, muscle aches, acne, psoriasis, and conjunctivitis.

4-Cinnamomum camphora oil:

Internal use: Nervous breakdown, weakness, and infectious diseases.

External use: muscle aches

5-Cinnamon oil:

Internal use: weakness, diarrhea and menstruation regulation

External use: wounds, skin disease,

Massage: refreshing the body

6-Lim (India lemon) oil:

Internal use: weakness, arthritis, lethargy, hepatitis, sinus, and inflammation of the nose, ear and throat 

External use: boils

Massage: useful for oily skin and acne.

7-Cypress oil:

External use: Strengthening and refreshing the skin, good for cellulite

8-Juniper oil:

External use: acne and eczema

Massage: cellulite and muscular stress.

9-Ginger oil:

Internal use: Indigestion, loss of appetite, flatulence and impotence

External use: rheumatic aches, bruises, and contusions

10-Pink oil:

Internal use: weakness, indigestion, flatulence and nerve pain

External use: wounds, ulcers and skin disease  

11-Jasmine oil:

Internal use: weakness, restlessness, nervous breakdowns, menstruation cramps

External: skin care

12-Lavender oil:

Internal use: nervous exhaustion, insomnia, spasticity, asthma and migraine

External use: wounds, eczema and insect stings

Massage: relaxing the muscles, stress, makes sleep easy

31-Mint oil:

Internal use: indigestion and slow digestion

External use: asthma, cold, nerve pain and migraines

Massage: refresh feet and legs

14-Orange oil:

Internal: colitis, heart palpitations, stomach ache

Massage: relaxation

15-Pine oil:

Internal use: bronchitis, cold, inflammation of the sinuses, urinary tract infection and sexual impotence

16-Black pepper oil:

External use: slow digestion, disturbance of circulatory system

Massage: Muscle fatigue

17-Rosemary oil:

Internal use: weakness, fatigue, low blood pressure, and migraines

External use: burns, wounds, scabies and muscle pain

Massage: to be energetic and active, removes pain of the thighs

18-Rose oil:

Internal use: anxiety and stress, depression, liver disorders and migraine

External use: headaches, tired eyes and skin care

Massage: helps relax the face

19-Sandalwood oil:

Internal use: urinary infections, vision, the pharynx and nervous breakdown

External use: acne, eczema, skin injury and wounds

Massage: Relaxes and reduces stress

How to prepare the oil

There are two methods to prepare your medicines:

For internal use:

  • You can mix five or eight droops of the oil into one glass of water and drink it before meals two times a day

–          For external and massage

  • Five drops of the first essential oil + three drops of the second essential oil + two drops of essential oil third + twenty ml of vegetable oil.
  • Five drops of essential oil mixed with 20 ml of vegetable oil.

–          For sensitive skin you can put one drop in 10 ml of vegetable oil and test it on your skin. The best place is on your wrist.

Substitutes for vegetable oil can include:

1-      Sweet almond oil

2-      Sunflower oil

3-      Grape seed oil

4-      Camellia oil

5-      Avocados oil

You can find such oils in your local supermarkets.


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