Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde


By Tareq Neman

White, black, left, right, south and north, no one can be in two places at the same time … is it right?

Drinking black Turkish coffee at 6 am while watching the news is like a black magic session; it could turn anyone into an Ernest Hemingway, Deckart or even Winston Churchill. It gives you the wisdom and ability to analyze and criticize any dilemma and solve it in 15 minutes. Not knowing the reality behind such superpower, one can only wonder whether is it the news or the caffeine?. Though, the most magical thing -more than the coffee- is what you think about while you are drinking it.

I noticed today that the magic is not in the coffee; it is in people too. It is the thing that allows the man to be in two places at the same time. Yes, two places, same time. He might be on the right while supporting the left, or, he might flatter the south while falling in love with the north. 

Have you ever been happy and sad at the same time? Or, did you believe in something and fought for the opposite?  How many times have you changed your attitude after a cup of coffee, after one great cigarette or after getting out of  the bathroom? We think according to the circumstances around us; we are nothing but changeable ideas and thoughts. The Illuminists are the people who had certain beliefs and who discovered their fears; they tried to defeat and eliminate them and created several ways to do so. Some Illuminists used to remain silent, others used to lie; some used to control their feelings, some used to cover their real Identities by inventing ways to control their emotions. So, there are many people who owe the exclusive treatment of their schizophrenia.

It is like when you are about to cry but you smile instead,  when you omit love from your life because you are so romantic and can’t handle the feeling of being in love, or just like when someone says: ‘I will not love because I am too sensitive’. Drinking coffee in the morning is the most contradictory act, because it helps us to wake up while we are already awake. It motivates something inside us and makes us ready for work or the day, as if it changes us into a different person. It is similar to the serum that Dr. Jekyll used to hide Mr. Hyde.  If you don’t know Dr. Jekyll: he was a good doctor, although he was mentally ill. He suffered from schizophrenia; every night he used to transform into Mr. Hyde, the murderer. He used to kill people every night, while in the morning he was healing his patients. This doctor cured himself by inventing a serum that could stop Mr. Hyde from controlling him every night. This serum could be coffee, speech, act or anything that could provide us a way to hide our Mr. Hyde.

What Dr. Jekyll was afraid of, were his inside feelings; he refused to reveal his Mr. Hyde to the public.  Reading the novel of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde you will find that he kills the patients that he cannot heal or the patients he considers to be self-destructive.  

We as Arabs hide Mr. Hyde among us. We bring him up every time we argue with others. Every time we think that there is someone who adopts what could contradict what we believe in, we refuse him and his ideology and try to overwhelm his mind with a stream of ideas and criticism. In fact, we kill him; by killing his mind and beliefs. But after this massacre of ideas we say: ‘anyway, every one has his freedom to think and to believe in anything’. Most of us are living the life of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. The difference, however, is that Dr. Jekyll used to drink his serum at night, while we drink it in the morning to start the fight with the man that lives inside us.

The problem lies with those who don’t drink their coffee in the morning; they will start transforming into Mr. Hyde and kill everybody around them.


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